Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: Disney Movie Club

4 movies at $1 too good to be true?

As we're watching one of my son's favorite movies, Disney Pixar's Cars 2, I decided it would be good to share whether or not I found the Disney Movie Club (DMC) to be worth it. I admit I was drawn into becoming a member by the special offer I received; $5 for 5 movie titles.  I visited the site and saw that I was able to pick from so many popular titles, so I was sold.  I figured as a first time mom, I could build my movie collection now that my son was very much into Disney after his first trip to Disney World.

The DMC works by allowing you to choose those 4 or 5 titles for $1 each as long as you agree to purchase 5 more titles from them at regular price within a 24 month span. The movies, called featured titles, cost $19.99 for the DVD package or $29.99 for Blu ray package.  Since my 5 special offer titles were Blu-ray, I'd subscribed to the $29.99 package. 
Every 3-4 weeks, you are sent information on the featured title, and you have about 10 or so days to decide if you want to take it.  You can mail in a response or call in with your membership number to say yay or nay.  If you say yes, or simply don't reply at all, they will charge you for the movie along with shipping & handling, and send you out the featured movie.  Remember, you have to buy 5 in a 2 year span, so you don't have to accept every movie offered.  The company is betting you do, however.  I wound up purchasing an extra title because It was the movie I was needing at the time, AND it was offered at a special.  Let's take a quick analysis of my investment and whether it was worth it over buying retail.  I've rounded to the nearest dollar for convenience.

No. of Movies
5 initial
1 special
5 featured
11 Movies Total
Cost per Movie

The average Disney Blu-ray is around $22 each, as they can range from $18-$30.  So even with purchasing the extra movie, I still came out ahead.  We have enjoyed building our collection this way, and the only reason I'd not do it again is because we have decided to build our digital collection, and are looking for HD digital movies only.  If they offered HD digital movies (without a physical disc) then I'd be interested again, because I'm tired of those movies using space when we can use Disney Movies Anywhere instead. But if you are still utilizing discs then this is definitely a viable option for at least 2 yrs.

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