Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Childcare Provider Review Site!

Our friends at have created a wonderful option for parents wanting to know what other parents are saying about their child care provider!

This site is brand-new, and looking for parents like you to add your favorite (or not-so favorite) childcare provider in Ohio or Kentucky and to the list, and leave a review based off of your experience for already listed providers.

Listing and Leaving a Review is easy!
  1.  Visit 
  1.  Search for your provider name by name, address, or county - add a Review if they are listed
  1. If you don't see your provider listed, click "Add A Provider" on the top right of the Homepage and List for free! Only add the provider's/Center's name and address. 

You will be prompted to sign in/sign up so that you can be notified when your provider has been published.  Once your provider is published, you can then add your review.

   This is a site by parents, for parents!  The more providers that are added, the more of resource it will be for parents looking for new providers!  

If you review customer reviews of hotels before you stay,  why are you just shoving your kids into a stranger's place before getting reviews??

Why I like this site:

1. Signing up and listing a provider is easy- you just need their name/center name and address.
2. Providers will have the chance to respond to your concerns and make it right.
3. You can read articles and discuss child-related topics with other parents in the Tea Time Discussions forums.

Sign up today!

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