Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More magic to the WDW trasportation experience

There's always room for more magic, right?

With my upcoming trip quickly approaching, I encountered a couple of things that would have made my planning process even more magical.  Maybe you've experienced the same frustration??

So when you arrive at the Orlando International airport, Tinkerbell is already at work, making sure that your bags "magically" get from your airplane to your resort hotel room without you lifting a finger.  But alas, there is apparently no more pixie dust available to transfer your luggage to your room after 10pm.  While you can still ride on the Magical Express (the transportation coach that takes you to your Walt Disney World resort) after this time, you must lug your own bags from place to place.  This bothers me most when we plan last minute trips, and can't find reasonable flights arriving before ten pm. Arriving at 11 or even midnight means that your family is sleepy - and would most likely appreciate that "magical' service even more than if you came 12 hours earlier. A sleepy toddler or infant can add to the drama.  You then find yourself planning naps throughout the day to help mitigate a tantrum or two that could ensue.  Having my bags taken care of lightens that burden a bit so you can focus on your family.  EXTEND THOSE HOURS, DISNEY TRANSPORTATION!!  I'm just saying...

I completed the online check in process, and later got the lovely email saying I won't have to visit the front desk of my resort. Instead, I'd receive a text from the front desk indicating my room number and when I can enter said room with my Magic Band.  Yay!  Except for the fact that while speaking with a castmember, they informed us that because this year we are pass holders, and received a passholder rate, we'd need to visit the front desk nonetheless to present our cards to show that we indeed are passholders.  Wouldn't it be grand if this was somehow validated via the My Disney Experience
online?  Our passes are attached there onto our account along with our reservations and preferences. We had to have our passes synced to our account in order to book the reservations, so why have us lose some of the check-in magic just for being passholders?  I am secretly hoping this was actually incorrect information provided by the castmember.  **fingers crossed for a few days until we go.

Don't get me wrong.  I love knowing that all we have to do really is just take our magic bands with us to while within the resort boundaries once there, but these things would help in the process leading up to the visit. Maybe one day Disney will notice and integrate them into their processes??

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